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Comic Artist, Illustrator, Character Designer, Art Director


Personal Info
born June 4, 1972 in Milan, Italy
lives in Cornaredo (MI) , Italy

Professional experiences

- 2014 He draws Illustration for the board game "the Mummy" Ed.Egmont Poland.
- 2013 - 2014 He Realize his first authorial comics book for the French Market "Lili Top Model" published by Claire de Lune.
- 2012- 2013 He mades drawing and coloring of two Disney’s webgames for the website
- 2012 He joins the team of the new Disney's project "Minnie & Daisy",drawing comics and illustrations for the editorials in graphic style.
- 2012 He draws the illustrations for the children's book "Lindo & Lando" and "Il famoso Fusto Bellimbusto" published by EL Edizioni.
- 2011 He begins his collaboration withDisney Channel, drawing comics of some animated series like: Kick Buttowski, Fish Hooks, Jake and the Neverland pirates.
- 2009-10 He works on Disney Cuties characters, drawing comics and illustrations in graphic style, making drawings for the creations of the miniature toys.
- 2008 He Draws for the new Disney's comic "Mad Sonia".
- 2008 He works as visualizer for the advertising agency Young e Rubicam, drawing mostly storyboards and layouts.
- Starting 2006 he draws Barbie Comics for Barbie Magazine.
- From 2003 till 2005 he works for the Edizioni Art drawing comics and covers for magazine "Amici di Net".
In 2001 he joins the W.I.T.C.H. creative team. 
For this comics series he draws many ( about 20 ) episodes and covers, plus one-shots such as: Speciale Elyon, Speciale Boys, Speciale Caleb (both as an Artist and Art Director).
- In 2000 he works for the german editor Mosaik, for comics and illustrations.
- In 1997 he stars his collaboration with Disney Italy
Since then his work has been published on almost all of Disney's magazines and books such as: Topolino, Minni Magazine, Giovani Marmotte, Kilion, Art Attack, Mad Sonia, Power Ranger, Disney Cuties, ecc...
He works for Disney with kids in Primary and high schools teaching comics and how a comics magazine is made.
-  1994-97 his works as Comics Artist ( realistic style) are published through several Publisher as: Italians studios (Asmodeus special), Unicorn (Braintrust 2 e 5) e Liberty (Dept H 3)

Other collabortions
Comics and illustrations 
Egmont Poland and Norway, Corriere della sera, Panini editore, Piemme edizioni, Edizioni Tunuè
Storyboards e illustrations for  Advertising Agencies
Young & Rubicam (Danone, Coop, Papermate, Babybell, Barilla, etc...)
- Studio Chiesa (Wacos, Kellogs, Sisal, ecc...)

Other Projects
In the 2008 he founds "Kreative Coffee" a production company with other two Artists (Mara Damiani e Paolo Lamanna) wit them he does various kind of projects including license and style guides.The first project is Nymboo.
Nymboo is a new brand license for Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico.

Education and training
- 1999 Master in Character design with Giorgio Cavazzano ( one of the most important and widely renowned Disney artist)
- 1997 Certified Artist in Disney Art at Disney's Academy in Milan
1994 Degree in comics Drawing at the "Scuola del fumetto" ( school of comics ) in Milan. 
1991 Degree in Graphic Design for advertising.

Computer skills
Adobe photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator

- 2005 Winner of the "Topolino d'oro" ( Disney Italy Excellence Prize ) for the best book project, for the "W.I.T.C.H. Test book series"
- 2005 With other Disney's artists he enters in the "Guinnes World Record" book, for the logest comics strip ever drawed.

Language spoken
Italian and English